Zaha savours feeling

Wilfried Zaha spoke to MUTV’s David Stowell immediately after his first appearance for United, in Saturday’s pre-season match in Bangkok…

How was that for you, pulling on the Manchester United shirt for the first time?
It was an incredible feeling really, to come on and play with the likes of Rio, Ryan Giggs, Anderson… knowing I was on the pitch with them was good enough for me.

It was hot for us just watching the match. What was it like to play in?
The humidity is crazy but we’ve just got to push on. And it will be good for our fitness when we go back to England.

So was this an ideal match for getting fit?
Yes, definitely. We’ve been working hard in pre-season training but a game like this was exactly what we needed.  In some ways the weather helps us as well because you don’t even need to run to get a sweat on. It helped our fitness a lot.

You were a lick of paint away from scoring a debut goal. Talk us through it…
I really just out my head down and tried to connect with the ball properly. It would have been a different story if it had gone in. I’m glad I had a go and it would have been a great day for me if I’d scored one. But it doesn’t matter now.

You’re flying off to Sydney now. Is this tour a whirlwind experience for you?
Yes, it’s my first time on a tour like this and I’m not used to it. To have so many fans coming to watch a pre-season game is just different for me but I’m looking forward to the next part. I’m just looking to work hard and get better at everything.


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